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Prairie workshop
dave gardening




I was born and raised In Boulder, Colorado, and during my high school years helped build the house my parents still live in. Through that experience I learned to appreciate the importance of hard work, patience, planning, safety awareness, and the advantages of using quality materials and having the right tools.

I went on to earn a degree in Aviation (my first passion), and spent nearly 30 years as an instructor and standards pilot on aircraft ranging from light singles to turbine rotorcraft and air carrier turboprops. I eventually decided to leave the aviation industry after losing flight privileges for medical reasons—it just wasn't as much fun being around those marvelous machines when I couldn't operate them any longer. As a tribute to that past I still maintain a current CFI certificate, and love to talk rotorcraft aerodynamics with anyone who's foolish enough to broach the subject!

Nest & Sprout, LLC was founded to provide an outlet for my creative energies—most of which now involve woodworking, "victory" gardening, and pets—and to share my knowledge and skills as they relate to these items. My one-man workshop is on the prairie northeast of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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